Concept, Art Direction & Design "Fashion DNA" Rijksmuseum

Fashion DNA Rijksmuseum
I  had the luck to work for the magnificent Rijksmuseum on their remarkable exhibition: ‘Fashion DNA’ on clothing and fashion, based on the costume collection of the Rijksmuseum. ‘Fashion DNA’ is the corresponding publication in the form of a glossy-like magazine. Reflections on contemporary fashion are interspersed with articles and facts about customs and fashion objects from past and present.

Concept, artdirection & design: Anneke Krull
curator for costume and accessories: Bianca du Mortier, fashion director: Francoise Bussières 
photography: Paul Huf, Paul Berends, Carmen Kemmink, Cornelie Tollens
styling: Hans Borgman, Roel Schagen, Marije Goedkoop
hair and make-up: Eva Copper, Dirk Jensma, Yvonne Nusdorfer, Hester Wernert
illustrations: Piet Paris, Paula Sanch Caballero
publisher: Nieuw Amsterdam