Creative/Art Direction Wendy magazine - Maart 2016

Wendy magazine No 7 - 2016
Wendy van Dijk & Dinand Woesthof
Photography: Moon Jansen
Styling: Manon Meijers
Hair & make-up: Gwendolyn van Waveren
Editor in chief: Robert Heukels

Founder, editor, art-directior & publisher I LOVE ILLUSTRATION magazine

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Illustration is back!

The past decade has seen a revival of contemporary illustration in advertising, magazines, museums and art galleries, resulting in a strong presence in online publications and exhibitions. Illustration can be seen as a voice of our time, a reflection of our society.

It was time for me to start my own independent online zine showcasing talented contemporary illustrators from around the world.

The first issue is about women, a classic and endlessly inspiring theme. From the ancient Greeks to Renaissance painters, from Baroque sculptors to photographers of today, countless artists have found the female body to be a source of inspiration and had women as their muses.

Twenty of the most exciting emerging and established illustrators have been selected to create six illustrations of sensual women. Most of these artworks have been made exclusively for this magazine. The result is extraordinary, elegant, sensitive, emotional, provocative, erotic and sensual.

128 pages of curated art. €5,- (pdf) BUY IT HERE
Founded, edited, curated, art directed & published by Anneke Krull

Creative Direction Wendy magazine

Creative Direction & Design of the magazine for Dutch Celebrity Wendy van Dijk; a feel good magazine about the search for Happiness.

It contains 4 chapters, all with their own soft pastel color: Love & Friendship, Freedom &  Ambition, Beauty & Health, Giving & Receiving

Editor in chief: Wendy van Dijk, Lenny Gerdes  - Photography: Moon Jansen, Roger Neve, Liselore Chevalier, Oof Verschuren, Wendy van Santen - Illustration: Agnes Loonstra, Bodil Jane, Hyshil Sander - Styling: Marieke van der Kleij, Manon Meijers, Inge de Ridder - Publisher: Wind Publishing

Creative Direction VLISCO Ad Campaign "Delicate Shades"

Creative Direction of the Ad Campaign Delicate Shades; I had the pleasure to commission and collaborate with fabulous fashion illustrator Sabine Pieper on this ad campaign and animation film.

client: Vlisco - illustrations: Sabine Pieper - animation: Martijn Hogenkamp, PlusOne Amsterdam
music: Otto van den Toorn, production: Daphne Story - design outfits: Vlisco & Deux D’Amsterdam

Art Direction RED magazine


Re-design & Art Direction of the Dutch women magazine RED.
This magazine needed a modern clear lay-out, a new photography concept and a strong signature cover concept with Dutch celebrities by photographers duo Fotofloor, using great illustrated editorial covers as well!

photography Fotofloor (covers) Denis Koval (stills)
illustrations: Denise van Leeuwen & Judith van den Hoek

Creative Direction Shoeby Shakeweek

Creative Direction of the famous Shakeweek campaign of dutch fashion retailer Shoeby.

client: Shoeby (Mieke van Deursen)
photography: Jouke Bos - styling: Sabine Geurten - hair&Make-up: Suzanne Verbeek

Creative Direction VLISCO Ad Campaign "Dazzling Graphics"

Creative direction of the Ad Campaign and film of Vlisco's "Dazzling Graphics" in collaboration with fabulous fashion photographer Fritz Kok. 

Since 1846, Vlisco has been creating unique textiles, in Holland, that have influenced the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. These textiles are a display of true Dutch craftsmanship and as such were originally known as ‘Hollandais’, from the French word for ‘Dutch’. Vlisco’s inspiring designs have made Vlisco an international brand that is a market leader in African prints.

Art Direction: Anneke Krull - Account/Production: Daphne Story - Photography: Fritz Kok @ Faas Veronique - Design: Vlisco & Deux Amsterdam

Creative Direction Dazzling Graphics movie Vlisco

Creative Direction of the movie for the Ad Campaign Dazzling Graphics.

client: Vlisco
regie: Fritz Kok

sound: Fritz Kok & Otto van den Toorn
production: Daphne Story
design outfits: Vlisco & Deux D’Amsterdam
post productie: AVP

Art Direction Bloemenbureau

Art Direction & Design of the 4 magazines for the Bloemenbureau Holland (Flower Council Holland) featuring "The Lily, a flower full of meaning"
Coming in 4 themes & 4 languages: Love, Femininity, Mortality and Purity, .

Realistation & editor in chief: Wim Spijkers, Spijkersmedia
client: Flower Council Holland concept: Hendrikus
Photography/styling/ilustration: Jeannine Govaers, Florian Seyd, Arjan Benning, Timo Sorber, Dana van Leeuwen, Henk Wildschut, Bonnie Orleans Voss, Sabine Geurten, Janneke van der Hagen, studio Garcia...

Re-Design Dutch Cosmopolitan

Re-Design of the Dutch Cosmopolitan;
 one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world.  
This magazine needed a new clean modern grid without losing the international signature look & feel translated to the Dutch readers.

Art direction Elegance

Re-design & Art Direction Elegance magazine, the oldest fashion magazine of the Netherlands... directing beautiful editorials like the "Fim Noir" (presenting the new actors) with famous dutch photographer Carli Hemes and the BurgerQueens (jewelry special) with fashion photographer Fritz Kok.

photography: Wendelien Daan, Maarten Schets, Fritz Kok, Carli Hermes; poster design: Gijs Kuijper

Re Design HP/De Tijd

Re-Design of the dutch opinion magazine HP/De Tijd;
from a weekly tabloid into a monthly full color magazine.

Editor in chief: Frank Poorthuis
cover illustration: Han Hoogerbrugge
photography: Lars van den Brink and many more

Creative Direction Jeunesse Jewelry

Creative Direction & Design new identity (brochure, packaging, displays & advertisements) of Jeunesse Jewelry in collaboration with fabulous fashion illustrator Piet Paris.

Creative Direction Anna van Toor

Creative direction & Design brochures for Dutch fashion retailer Anna van Toor.
photography: Klaas Jan Kliphuis, Paul van Raalte

brochure 1
brochure 2
brochure 3

Creative Direction "Fashion DNA" - Rijksmuseum

Concept, Art Direction & Design of the glossy 'megalogue' for the exposition Fashion DNA at the Rijksmuseum. [a catalogue looking like a glossy magazine with an editorial feeling]. In this megalogue old and new are easily coming together.

fashion director: Francoise Bussieres  - photography: Paul Huf, Paul Berends, Carmen Kemmink, Cornelie Tollens - styling: Hans Borgman, Roel Schagen, Marije Goedkoop - hair and make-up: Eva Copper, Dirk Jensma, Yvonne Nusdorfer, Hester Wernert, illustrations: Piet Paris, Paula Sanch Caballero